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Michael Jones - Sound Recordist - Audio Post-Production Mixer and Sound Designer

Documentary Films:

"SJP - Title TBD," Jigsaw Productions, (Currently in Production)
"Gloria Vanderbilt Documentary - Title TBD," Moxie Firecracker Films, (Currently in Production)
"Sharon Jones Documentary - Title TBD," Cabin Creek Films, (Currently in Production)
"Gene Smith and the Jazz Loft," Lumiere Productions, (Currently in Post-Production)
"The Nation Documentary - Title TBD," Cabin Creek Films, (Currently in Post-Production)
"Lance Armstrong: The Road Back," Jigsaw Productions, 2013
"The World According to Dick Cheney," Actual Reality Pictures, 2013
"Running From Crazy," Cabin Creek Films, 2012
"A.K.A. Doc Pomus," Clear Lake Historical Productions, 2012
"Growing Farmers," Michael Halsband Studio, 2012
"The Standbys," ATP, 2012
"Makers: Women Who Make America", Storyville Films/AOL, 2012
"Sixteen Acres," Tanexis Productions, 2012
"The Queen of Versailles," by Lauren Greenfield, 2012
"Koch," How Am I Doing?, 2012
"Sarabah," Yerosha Productions, 2011
"The Island President," Actual Films, 2011
"A Force of Nature, Cabin Creek Films, 2011
"Unraveled," Stick Figure Productions, 2011
"Beauty CULTure," Annenberg Space for Photography Evergreen Pictures, 2011
"A Top Secret Documentary," Triple8Park, 2010-2011
"The Man in Question," Atlas, 2010
"Inside Job," Representational Pictures/Sony Pictures Classics, 2010
"Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer," Jigsaw Productions, 2010
"Herblock - A Documentary," The Stevens Company, 2010
"Jews and Baseball: An American Love Story," Clear Lake Historical Productions, 2010
"I Can't Do This But I Can Do That," HBO Films, 2009
"Gun Fight," Cabin Creek Films, 2009
"Woodstock: Now & Then," Cabin Creek Films, 2009
"The House of Steinbrenner ," Cabin Creek Films (ESPN 30 for 30), 2009
"The Gruen Effect," Pooldoks, 2008
"Whatever Happened to the Religious Right?" Lumiere Productions, 2008
"Sephardic Jewish Heritage," Orchard Films, 2008-2010
"Married in America 3," MIA, Inc., 2008
"The Street Stops Here - The Story of Bob Hurley and St. Anthony Basketball," TeamWorks Media, 2008
"Bon Jovi," Cabin Creek Films, 2007
"Abbey Lincoln," Carol Friedman, 2007
"The Music in You," Barbara Kopple, 2007
"Dirty Driving:  Thundercars of Indiana," DCTV by Jon Alpert, 2007           
"Alive Day Memories:  Home From Iraq," Jon Alpert, James Gandolfini, 2006
"Alma," Susanne Freund, Dor Film, 2006
"Bobcats," Light & Shadow GmbH, 2006
"Lucky Dog," Albert Maysles, 2005-2007
"Hole in the Sky: The Scars of 9/11," Katja Esson, 2005-2006
"Gateways to the World: Port of New York," Katja Esson, 2005
"Girls in the Band," One Step Productions, 2005, 2007
"Same Sex America," Corra Films, 2004
"The World Sacred Music Festival in Fes, Morocco," World Music Productions, 2004
"The Fourth World War," Big Noise Films, 2003
"Santo Domingo Blues," Mambo Media, 2003
"Married in America," MIA, Inc., 2003
"La Tropical," David Turnley, 2002
"Armstrong in Havana," CubaNola Productions, 2000
"Sin Embargo," Leaf Productions, 1999 - 2001


Television Programs and Special Features:

"Death Row Stories - Episodes 1-8," Jigsaw Productions/CNN/Sundance, 2014
"Vice - Greenland," HBO, 2014
"Not My Mama's Meals" with Jimmy Deen (Behind the Scenes), Leroy & Clarkson/The Cooking Channel, 2013
"Man Fire Food" with Roger Mooking (Behind the Scenes), Leroy & Clarkson/The Cooking Channel, 2013
"America (Re)Framed," JumpStart Productions, 2012
"FBI Criminal Pursuit - Episode 6," M2 Pictures, 2012
"Into the Night with Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley," Avanti Media/ARTE, 2011
"Black Tide: Voices from the Gulf," Radical Media/Animal Planet, 2011
"Mystery of Matter: Marie Curie," MiddleMarch Films/History Channel, 2011
"Taking Off," Stun Creative, 2011
"The Antisocial Network (with Earsnot and Judith)," Atlas Entertainment, 2011
"Amish at the Alter," National Geographic Channel, 2010
"Throwdown! with Bobby Flay," The Food Network, 2010
"Amish: Out of the Order," National Geographic Channel, 2010
"Advantage McEnroe," Moxie Firecracker Films, 2010
"H-Kayne," LinkTV, 2010
"Mariem Hassan," LinkTV, 2010
"Kaynan Khalor," Link TV, 2010
"United Nations 1-Hour Special for Peace Keepers," LinkTV, 2010
"Traumatology," HBO, 2010
"Repossessed - Season 2," Stick Figure Productions, National Geographic Channel, 2009-2010
"NOW on PBS," Thirteen, 2009
"Into the Night with Liza Minnelli and Fritz Wepper," Avanti Media/ARTE, 2009
"Weddings by Franc," Power Pictures, RTE One (Irish TV), 2009
"Night Shift/Repossessed," Stick Figure Productions, National Geographic Channel, 2008-2009
"Into the Night with Joseph Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald," Avanti Media/ARTE, 2008
"Luxury Explorer TV," Explorer TV, 2008
"Metropolis," Avanti Productions for Arte (German TV), 2008
"Justin Timberlake Special," HBO, 2007
"NOW on PBS," Thirteen, 2007
"Vusi Mahlasela Live," LinkTV, 2007
"Cathouse:  The Musical," HBO, 2007
"Made to Order," Fine Living TV, 2006           
"Driving Force," The A&E Network, 2006
"Globe Trekker," Pilot Productions for PBS, 2005-2006
"Hip Hop Candy," Keo Films for MTV Europe, 2005 (Season)
"What Not to Wear," Classified Films for The Learning Channel, 2004
"Health Cops," Wall-to-Wall Productions for Discovery Health Channel, 2004
"The Well Seasoned Traveler," Miracle Media for The A&E Network, 2003 (Season)



"Wish You Were Here," Second Place Productions, 2013
"Unremembered," Chris Knight, 2013
"Come Dance with Me," The Alzheimer's Association, 2012
"Unburden," Wild Angel Films, 2012
"So Forgotten," The Alzheimer's Association, 2012
"Scent of a Woman," Penny Wise, 2012
"Hanna," Honeygun Labs, 2009



"The Cooking Channel - fall promos," Leroy & Clarkson, 2013
"Sunday Night Football," Bodega Studios, 2013
"Levi's," The Custom Family, 2013
"The Cooking Channel - spring promos," Leroy & Clarkson, 2013
"Fidelity Bank," The Mill, 2013
"The Cooking Channel's 20-Year Anniversary and Holiday Fun," Leroy and Clarkson, 2012
"Comcast (Cops)," Humongous, 2012
"Alfani (Bodypaint and Roar)," Macy's/Impressionista Films, 2012
"Bravo Honda," Crash Pad/NBC, 2011
"Ford Lincoln Brand," 13th Floor Media, 2011
"Bravo NY Green," Crash Pad/NBC, 2011
"Chef Guy Fieri for Kraft Foods," Kuhlmann & Associates, 2011
"Design Splash," HGTV, 2011
"Taking on Tyson," Animal Planet/Discovery Channel, 2010
"World Wide Webber," Exit Films, 2010
"Mission Tortillas with Sara Moulton," NBC Skycastle, 2010
"The Real Housewives of New York City," Crash Pad Films, NBC/Bravo, 2009
"Cablevision," Humble TV, 2009
"Recovery," A&E/Biography Channel, 2009
"Alan Mulally - CEO of Ford," Non-Fiction Films, 2009
"Next Food Network Star - with Bobby Flay," The Food Network, 2009
"Champs/Reebok," Splatkat Productions, 2008
"The Food Network," Mrs. K, 2008
"Swiffer," Big Sister's Watching, 2008
"Eddie Funkhouser, NY," PeachBoy Productions, 2008
"Siemens Open Communication, part 2," Crossing Pictures GmbH, 2008
"Bank of America" Sherpa Productions, 2007           
"Bubblicious Gum," Shoot First Productions, 2007
"Vital Source," Spare Key Productions, 2007
"Siemens Open Communication," Crossing Pictures GmbH, 2007
"Boscov’s Department Store," Shoot First Productions, 2007
"Promos for SoapNet and ABC," River Street Productions, 2007
"Kleenex – Times Square Ad Campaign," East Pleasant Pictures, 2007
"Empire City Casino," Lipman, 2007
"Seagate," Collaborate, 2005
"Chloraseptic," Hydraulic, 2004



"CVS/Publicis Kaplan Thaler," Sherpa Productions, 2014
"Apple iPhone 5s/c Launch," C-41 Media, 2013
"Hilton/Hampton Inn - Sandy," iCrossing/Hearst, 2013
"Hilton/Hampton Inn - Meet Me Halfway," iCrossing/Hearst, 2013
"Verizon," iCrossing/Hearst, 2012
"Hilton/Hampton Inn - Sisterhood with Heart," iCrossing/Hearst, 2012
"Health Information Exchange (HIE)," DeSantis Breindel, 2012
"Leukemia & Lymphoma Society," Cheshire Films, 2012
"The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Start Strong," DeSantis Breindel, 2012
"Apple's iPhone 5 Launch," Apple and C41 Media, 2012
"Master Card," StellarHead, 2012
"BA Recruiting Video," McKinsey and Company, 2012
"The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Open Notes," DeSantis Breindel, 2012
"Marine Defenders, Common Good Productions, 2012
"Hearst," Leslie Iwerks Productions, 2012
"The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - COCHS," DeSantis Breindel, 2012
"Home Health Aides," The Alzheimer's Association, 2012
"Tibi at NYC Fashion Week," C41 Media, 2012
"Starwood Preferred Guest," Starwood Hotels/The Jaybees, 2012
"Oral History Project," The Museum of Modern Art, 2011-2012
"Apple's Grand Central Station Store Launch," C41 Media, 2011
"Apple's iPhone 4s Launch," C41 Media, 2011
"Apple Camp," C41 Media, 2011
"Artist's Oral Histories Series," MoMA, 2011
"Jason Wu for Brizo," C41 Media, 2011
"Water for Elephants Costume Designer Chris Marsh," Bravo, 2011
"Interviews with Filmmakers Milos Forman and Steven Soderbergh," The Stevens Company, 2011
"Vogue 2010 Fashion Fund Awards," Notional, 2010
"Marsh Risk Consulting," Exclaim, 2010
"Interview with Red Grooms," Triple8Park, 2010
"Macy's Fashion Webisodes," Impressionista Films, 2010
"Interview with Paul Volcker," Liberty Street Films, 2010
"Table-read with Al Pacino," Green Room Films, 2010
"Interview with Marc Dreier," Stick Figure Productions, 2010
"Interviews with the editors of In Style magazine," Do Diligence, 2010
"Interview with Eliot Spitzer," Jigsaw Productions, 2009
"Interview with Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed," JumpStart Productions, 2009
"Interview with Dick Cavett," A&E, 2009
"Nintendo/Guitar Hero 5," Web Promo, Tribe Pictures, 2009
"Interview with Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy," Louis Vuitton/KCD Worldwide, 2009
"Oscar de la Renta," Net-a-porter.com, 2009
"Thank You Cam at the 2009 Tony Awards," White Cherry Entertainment, 2009
"Children's Event with Pete Seeger, Iron Zeal Films, 2009
"Bikur Holim," Orchard Films, 2009
"Interview with Bob Dylan," Grey Water Park Productions, 2009
"La Boheme promo," The Metropolitan Opera, 2009
AT&T U-Verse Buzz, Digital Kitchen, 2008
"Regis and Kelly promos," Schenk Productions, 2008
"Interview with President Bill Clinton," Plate of Peas Productions, The History Channel/The Smithsonian, 2008
"Human Rights Watch," (directed by Alex Gibney) Jigsaw Productions, 2008
"The Plaza Hotel Event for Eloise in Paris," Handmade Films, 2008
"The CW promo with Brittany Snow," Nood Media, 2008
"Rush Inserts with Jerry Stiller," Imported Artists, 2008
"Sarah Moutan's Webisodes with Best Buy," Food Chain Films, 2007-2008
"Deans of Columbia University," True Aim Productions, 2008
"Bank of America with Mo Rocca," Sherpa Productions, 2007-2008           
"Man of the Year (behind the scenes)," GQ Magazine, 2007
"National Kidney Foundation," Brian Scott Productions, 2007
"Interview with Justin Timberlake and Band," HBO, 2007
"Audi R8 by Karl Lagerfeld," Ziggy Film, 2007
"Lewis H. Lapham's Life-Time Achievement Award," Harpers Magazine, 2007
"Interview with President Pervez Musharraf," As It Happens, CBC/Radio One, 2006
"Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF)," 44 Percent Design/Andreas Photo, 2006
"Kaufman Center," Necessary Films, 2006
"Stop the Abuse of Power," Necessary Films for the ACLU, 2006
"Youth Communications," (Produced by Ric Burns), Necessary Films, 2006
"Herman Miller," Washington Square Films, 2004

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